I need a monthly uncapped internet so I want to whats needed in terms of devices? Thank you

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Hi, the question is a bit unclear but mabe this will help a bit.   I currently have the Business DSL 8 Mbps line wit a Netgeat Wireless Router and it runs great, I always have around 7.2 Mbps downstream with no connection issues on the Wired home network, the Wireless does drop mut it's for security.

This package runs me around R 1 250 with Telkom Voice line rental cost to be added. This package is Uncapped and Unshaped and during peak periods I can download on average 30 GB and more so speed is no issue even now after my account stands on ...

Data Statistics

Data Used: 344.13GB

Average Daily Usage: 26.47GB

Projected Monthly Usage: 794.14GB


I am probably ons of the more data heavy clients and this package works great, I can probably go down to 6 Mbps and still be fine. So this is Afrihost package related.

From a user infrastructure side you should be up and running with almost any out-of-the-box adsl Router you buy from a store. I found Billion to be the most user friendly. Be sure about your network requirements before picking a router, you might need Wireless access then that should be a Wireless ADSL Router, if not ir usually does not hurt having a Router with wireless and just dissable it than needing wireless later and you then you have to go and buy another one.

From a Network connection side your best and most stable link will always be a fixed wire coonetion via CAT6 or CAT5E cable from router to terminal but if wireless is your poison it's a great second with high speed connections but connection stability is always going to be a possibilty.

Hope this helps.

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