ALL emails, disappeared/ vanished from the Afrihost server- how do i get them back?

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Basically, on the same day that I changed the password for one of my company email accounts -  ALL emails, disappeared/ vanished from the afrihost server … both the inbox and the sent items  and are no longer present to view via webmail (Roundcube Webmail or Squirrel Mail)

what happened? and how do i get them back?

[sidenote: the account was being used by an employee facing internal disciplinerary investigation - which is why I changed the password to restrict further access - is there any way they could still manage to login and delete all emails?]
asked Jun 13, 2017 in Email Hosting by robslingshot (150 points)

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It is possible that they could have deleted the emails before the password was changed. However, if they have access to the cPanel, they can still log into the email account without a password.
answered Jul 10, 2017 by TheOisSilent (620 points)
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Sending a request to with the time stamp would be the best way to find out what happened as the email logs and server access logs are more like to contain accurate information of the activities that involved the email account in question during the specified period. Although Afrihost does not provide backups for emails and website contents, there are often incrimental backups of the systems available which may provide you with some recovery options (if available) provided that your emails were indeed deleted.
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Joseph-P (360 points)