Do you supply VIOP

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I want to move over to fibre but want to get rid of my telkom line. Do you do Voice over IP?
asked Aug 5 in Voice by ronelr (140 points)

4 Answers

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Of course, what are you waiting for come join the family
answered Aug 5 by RyanG (35,450 points)
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I do not think afrihost offers VOIP, however you can use it over the fibre line, you will just have to get the VOIP through a different provider.
answered Aug 8 by Aslam (910 points)
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Not yet but you can use Skype or Whatsapp calling.  With skypr you can buy credits to call landline or cellphone numbers.
answered Aug 11 by ramsbod (1,620 points)
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You can use VOIP through different applications but it is not yet natively available as a product or service through Afrihost. Try Vox Telecoms for that.
answered Aug 12 by mikhailh (1,420 points)