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I have capped account.  Why does the client zone graphs only show the normal hours data and the afterhours data combined?   Why not just ignore how much afterhours data is consumed and only show graphs of the normal hours?
asked Aug 11, 2017 in Client Zone by ramsbod (1,620 points)

2 Answers

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You don't get 'afterhours' data from Afrihost Mobile packages. By doubling your data you're doubling your data. It is as simple as that. Effectively a 10+10 package is a 20GB any time package.
answered Aug 11, 2017 by WpPrRz (140 points)
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This is to help clients monitor their night data/day data if they have the night data promo or relevent products from afrihost,
answered Aug 14, 2017 by RyanG (35,450 points)