100Mbps fibre running at 3Mbps

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Afrihost is charging for a 100Mbps fibre line that's running at 3Mbps. I've logged 3 tickets at support@afrihost.com without response. I've also phoned them only to be put back on hold after I explained the problem.

What happened to Afrihost's world class service? What changed in the last 4 months? Their service support went from great to terrible
asked Nov 30 in ADSL by Dawid Swanepoel (120 points)

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Who is your provider(Vumtel, etc) , and where are you seeing these speeds?
Speedtest.net is a good indication, but torrents etc is not.

Perhaps putting the ticket number here could help too
answered 4 days ago by MattzFiber (9,150 points)

Yes, Vumatel is the provider. The ticket IDs are OSK-367-50237 and REI-783-59853. They haven't provided a response yet. These are for emails tickets logged - I didn't get a reference number for the phone call

I'm using Measurement Lab (M-Lab) as it reflects the performance I'm experiencing on.Netflix and YouTube

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Hey Dawid

Apologies for the bad service you have been receiving. there are a lot of measures that are being put in place to return the service to how you remember it.

ADSL lines run only up to 40Mbps, not 100. That is fibre.

I have checked your priofiles and have not picked up anything active above Mbps. Kindly contact live cat on our site so we can assist you.

I am just wary of having you share your details on this forum.
answered 4 days ago by Filet Mignon (24,110 points)

Yes, it's a 100Mbps fibre line

I've tried live chat on Client Zone at various times throughout the day but it shows as offline