When will my wifi be installed

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Hi Storme,

Your WiFi will become available once your fibre is installed and the router has been set up.

  1. First you need to sign up for fibre:

If you are wanting to know what fibre availability you have in your area, please follow the link below to our fiber page to check

If there is no fiber in your area yet please fill in your details and we will notify you when fiber does become available.

Fiber is provided on a neighborhood level not on an individual level. You should know who the provider is in your area as they would have already started trenching and promoting themselves in the area. If you need more interest in your area, please speak to a community leader to get others interested which will lead to fiber being put in your area sooner. Afrihost only provides the connection to that fiber line as well as the data when you sign up.

Please go to:https://www.afrihost.com/landing/fibre  to see our fiber packages, capped and uncapped, with various providers around SA.

Please note installation of a fibre line can take up to 8 weeks depending on the fibre provider in your area.
As per our website each provider has a different lead time for installation and activation.
Once the line has been installed in your premises it can take up to 5 days for the provider to activate your line.

To sign up please follow these steps:

After going to our fibre page and entering your physical address, You can then proceed

  • Select the Fiber provider in your area  (eg: Vumatel, Openserve, TT Connect, Octotel, Frog Foot etc...)
  • Select the Fiber package you want (Home, Business or Premium)
  • Select the fiber line speed
  • Select 'Sign Up'
  • Fill in all your details and move to the next step
  • Confirm the payment details


2. Once the fibre is installed you now need to activate it:

After the CPE box is installed in your home, you will need a WAN enabled router and can sign up for a fibre package with Afrihost
The only thing left to install is your router. 

To do so please follow these steps to install your WAN fibre router:
1. CPE (client premises equipment) from FTTH provider must be powered up. Lights will be showing on the device.
2. Connect your LAN/ Ethernet cable from your computer to the CPE and then a cable to the WAN port on your fibre router.
3. The ethernet "LINK" light must show on the CPE and the WAN port of your router
- If the link light is present, it means that your fibre router is powered up correctly.

You will then be able to connect to the internet at 10Mbps for 2 hours in order to activate your fibre account.
Once connected to the CPE you will automatically be redirected to the Fibre Activation page to activate you account,

If not please go to this link: https://clientzone.afrihost.com/fibre-activate/#/

3. Follow these steps to connect:

Please ensure you have a WAN enable router and follow the steps below to get connected.

1. Connect the ethernet cable from LAN Port 1 on the CPE/ONT device (device that has been mounted on the wall) into the WAN/Internet port on your Afrihost fibre router.

You can then connect to the routers wireless network (the 2.5gHz or 5gHz one) and the password will be written on a sticker underneath it.
Or alternatively connect the device using an Ethernet (LAN cable) into any one of the 4 ports on it.

Once done do the following:

* At the top of your Internet browser type and press enter.

* It will ask for a username which will be 'admin' and leave the password field empty and then click 'Login'

* Click 'Internet' and then 'Internet Connection Setup Wizard'

* It will say 'Welcome to the D-Link Internet Connection Setup Wizard' - just click 'Next'

* Set any password you want (this will be the one to login to your routers menu) and then click 'Next'

* Set the Timezone as 'GMT : 02:00 Harare, Pretoria' and click 'Next'

* Choose 'Username / Password Connection (PPPoE)' and click 'Next' and then enter your Afrihost ones below.

Username: xxxxxx@afrihost.co.za

Password: XXXXXXX

*Finally click on the 'Connect' button and you should be online in about 2 hours as they Telkom system then updates.

-- As a side note if you wish to change your wireless network settings please see below:

* On the routers main page click 'Wireless settings' and then 'Wireless Connection Setup'

* Under the Network Name (SSID) change the name(s) to whatever you want it to be.

* Also make sure you choose 'Manually Assign a Network Key' and click 'Next'

* Make up any password you want for you network under 'Wireless Security Password' and click 'Next'

* It will then take you to a summary page and just click 'Save'

The settings will take a short while to save and then you will be connected.

If you require further assistance please email: support@afrihost.com
or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200
or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com
Thank you

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