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Dear Afrihost,

Please refer to escalation request below. Still NO FEEDBACK.

  • Router has no connection. Mode light = RED
  • I have already been billed! RIDICULOUS for a service I cant use (IN**********) & CRIMINAL
  • I have done live chat with JP D & BOSTON R and received 'troubleshooting instructions' which i followed
    • Mobile data = OFF
    • Roaming = enabled
  • Boston R logs escalation RQQ-934-85*** with IS (RAIN) – no response!!
  • I have done telephone calls to 0116127200 and spoken to:
    • Justin
    • Richard (great human) - even called me back, but without a solution
    • Both said they would consult with Sheldon, with BOTH my call was cut off/disconnected
  • Apparently the problem is with IS and there is no estimated timeframe associated! (WHAT!?)

Today begins the second week since delivery of my Fixed wireless router and connection. Gian, has failed me by convincing me to begin a once successful client relationship with Afrihost, and If I am not helped ASAP I want instructions on how to cancel and have the router connected.


The roll-out for FIXED WIRELESS IS A JOKE. I do not want to hear about struggles with IS/RAIN etc. I do business with Afrihost!

If this is how business has evolved at Afrihost then I cannot do more business with your firm.



asked Dec 11, 2017 in RAIN by lacuff (140 points)
Hi Lacuff

I feel your pain.
i have placed my order on the 28/11/2017, billing account activated the next day 29/11/2017
I received an email that a back order has been placed, contacting Afrihost after a couple of days to know if there is an ETA i was referred to RAIN.

Last time i check i signed up by afrihost and NOT RAIN!!! why should I as a client (unhappy client) of AFRIHOST get send to RAIN.

I checked my account and it shows the device was dispatched on the 7/12/2017 -  4 days later and still nothing where does this devices get dispatch from? Different galaxy?

I'm sorry if im trolling your post, but REALLY NOT HAPPY with the service i received and im not even connected yet, i REALLY hope i will not still have connections problems like you having.

Afrihost get your act together.
Lacuff and Afrihost

I am experincing the exact same problem. All support can advise me to do is try plugging my router in at friends or family... What a joke. This is meant for my own personal home use... Not to be carried around everywhere.

Afrihost has also debited my account for a service I cannot use. I find this unacceptable. I hope to get tbis resolved just as much as you.

Hopefully these comments will help them realise the severity of the situation.


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Plug your router on the main socket .Make sure your wifi is enabled on your device your conneting .Power the router.You will see it will be paired automaticaly.Clic on the LTE ROUTER WIFI ICON.Enter security pin found at the bottom of your router.You will see a wizrd ( light blue ) on the wizard click on connection settings ,enter username ( admin) password ( admin). On your left you will see a manu bar from the menu navigate until you get to a screen with APN then type ( Afrihost).

you wil see two flashing screens on your bottom right screen of your computer.Then you are connected.



answered Dec 21, 2017 by ngcobo (180 points)