Samsung does not pick up wifi

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When I switch on the wifi connectivity, on my Samsung, I cannot see the wifi connection. I can connect to the wifi with the iPhone - no problem - but samsung seems to be giving problems.


What am I doing wrong?


Do I need to manually set the wifi connection up?
asked Dec 19, 2017 in ADSL by mafder (130 points)

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Hi there,

Please check you wifi setting and are connected to the network

  • Pull down the Menu and then tap Settings.
  • Tap Connections then tap the WiFi switch to On.
  • Tap WiFi. (to the left of the On/Off switch).
  • A list of available networks will appear, tap the network you wish to connect to.
  • If prompted, enter the selected WiFi network's password, then tap Connect.
  • Your chosen network will now show Connected to let you know its all setup. You will also see the WiFi signal bar in the notifications panel at the top of your screen.

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Thank you

answered Dec 19, 2017 by AfriDazzil (23,430 points)