How can MTN deactivate a prepaid sim after it has been "ported" to Afrihost?

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I fail to understand that a MTN sim can be deactivated after it has been reconfigured for Afrihost data. Surely the transferral to Afrihost also means MTN relinquishes their hold on that number. What right do they have! Now I am told to purchase another prepaid, then to "port" and then to load airtime and to remember to make a call once every month or three months. It makes sense to me that the sim, once "ported" becomes a data sim only and talking will not be possible. This problem is not highlighted when the reconfigutration from MTN to Afrihost is explained on the latter's site. My sim lives in my (former) mtn mifi and it has been used continually for the past three months with Afrihost data and never for talking. The whole point of reconfiguration is to save the costs of a new Afrihost sim. A connected world should not work this way. So, if airtime is loaded, will a call be possible on the reconfigured sim? Highly frustrated.
asked Jan 16 in Mobile Data by quaspavas (120 points)

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