Suspension of Services!

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I contacted sales and asked the person I spoke to about the various options that Afrihost offers. The lady explained the option and I said that I was interested in the special which was no installation, connection or router costs (R497). She said I should go onto the website which I did to place my order which I did selecting what we had discussed. The value at the end of the order was zero. Can someone not check the history of the application?

I placed the order on 11/11/2017, had to follow up intermittently to get my fibre connected and eventually someone came on 08/11/2018 and then I received an invoice and my account was debited with R2306.13. There was still no connection and my fibre only started working on 21/1/2018 and was cut on 26/01/2018. I contacted the support department several times explaining the situation and I was told that I have to pay despite my explanation so I reversed the debit order. My account has subsequently also been debited with the monthly installment?

Is this the way that Afrihost treats their new customers because I am extremely upset with the customer service I have received.
asked Feb 7 in General by Dawn.Coetzee (120 points)

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