My fibre line is down

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You loaded two profiles to my name.One with an incorrect address which was the only one I could activate after making several calls to your company.I was also double billed since I started with afrihost.I have received all kinds of incorrect advise from your support people but one of them requested I disconnect one of the accounts your staff duplicated on my name so I did and now I have no fibre connection.I have tried calling and I go from number 32 in the queue to number 1 after 45minutes only to go back to number 26.Most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.I have sent e-mails and your staff do not even have the decency to respond.How do I go about getting someone to fix my problem with connectivity which I am paying for without losing my mind.
asked May 7 in Fibre by ibrahim Hatea (130 points)

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Hi there Ibrahim. I would suggest going and starting a WhatsApp chat with them at or you can log a request in your ClientZone (click on the Support image once you have logged in). You can schedule a date and time that is convenient for them to phone you. This is much better than phoning and holding and wasting your time and money. Thanks and I hope this helps!
answered 5 days ago by RSTLR (220 points)