Are your consumer uncapped services shaped?

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asked Oct 3, 2014 in ADSL by anonymous

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Yeap, all consumer uncapped services are shaped shaped.


I think Afrihost wants to make realtime servcices the best you can get.


Check out their website FAQ:
answered Oct 3, 2014 by anonymous
great answer cool cat
However all of Afrihost's business uncapped packages are unshaped if you want to stay at top speeds all the time. Business packages can be purchased by anyone, even for private homes.
ALL ISP's shape, irrespective of home/business account. Dont believe me, use a good VPN service to test and you will see I speak the truth.
@ZK can you give some details of how I can check with a VPN. I'm a bit challenged in that area >_<
Sure, Goog "Cyber Ghost trial" :)
Thanks!! :) I will give it a go.
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Yes. If you use less than 100GB per month it is often better to get capped dsl, since it is unshaped and therefore faster.
answered Jan 28, 2015 by wernerhp (970 points)
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Depends as the more expensive one ie elite is 30% more but gives the benefits of unshaped
answered Aug 2, 2017 by RyanG (35,770 points)