Do I really need to verify my payment details?

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asked Mar 13, 2017 in Client Zone by Qetello (1,240 points)
verifying your payments details helps when and if there has been a change in your banking details.
in case you have changed your banking details and have not updated your payment details on afrihost then you would most likely be cut off after numerous attempts of afrihost contacting you.

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If yes And what for?
answered Mar 13, 2017 by Qetello (1,240 points)
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Validated payments is better than non-validated is my guess :D

But probably due to contact information / disputes in billing.
answered Mar 13, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (65,100 points)
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Verification is always best. It removes or reduces the risk of an incorrect transaction which would then require corrective action. Also, they need to ensure that it is you who would be billed and that you do have a means of paying.
answered Mar 14, 2017 by Yudhistir (380 points)
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Hi there :)

We can confirm that it's always better to have your payment details verified.

You will need the latest statement from your bank account, which has a successful, processed Afrihost charge on it. After you have located the VC number on the bank statement, process it as below.

Log into your Client Zone
> Click on Billing
> Click on Verify Payment Details
> Click on the Verify button
> Review your Bank Statement
===="On your bank statement, at the end of your Afrihost Transaction description, which is in the format: your Afrihost account number, a space and then the verification code.
Please only enter the code after your Afrihost account number.  The code will either start or end with VC, and will appear on the statement similar to this (including your account number):"
> Enter the Code exactly as it appears, please note, you will only enter the code, not your Afrihost Account number
> Click on Verify

Once this has been processed, you will be done :)

If you are still unable to do this, or you are experiencing difficulties; please contact one of our Support Consultants, whom are standing by to assist you :)

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Hope the above will help us to help you  :)
answered Mar 17, 2017 by CharB (3,500 points)