I have fiber to home infrastructure, but my area isn't listed - can I get fiber through afrihost?

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asked Mar 13, 2017 in Fibre by Samuel makeen (170 points)

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What kind of infrastructure do you have, and are you aware of which backbone provider ?
Afrihost partners with quite a few of the players already in market
answered Mar 13, 2017 by XBearerZA (700 points)
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If it is one of the providers that Afrihost works with then you more than likely can, your best bet is to send an email to the provider and to afrihost, or just give them a call.

Afrihost works with several different last mile fibre providers so there is a high likelihood that they will be able to connect you.
answered Mar 14, 2017 by Starker3 (430 points)
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Hi there :)

If you can sign up for your connection on our website, and we can credit you up to R4000 immediately if fibre is available in your area by one of our providers.

We have many providers that could potentially provide you with this service, and we add more every day :)

Please visit https://www.afrihost.com/landing/fibre/ and check the availability in your area. If however not, then just add your details so the providers can contact you once it is available.

Also, try to have all your neighbors and friends in your location to do the same; the more the merrier, the faster Fibre will become available for you.

• Please note that there will be an installation fee. (Each provider has their on own installation fee).

• If you are renting your property, you will need to get consent from your landlord, or body corporate. (we will need an Affidavit from the landlord)

• You can select the fiber provider in your area.

• You can also select the type of package that you want.

• Afrihost fiber package includes an uncapped account.

• The order will then be process automatically through our system.

• We cannot provide an ETA on when your fibre will be installed, and is always up to the availability and time frame of the actual provider you signed up with.

If you are still unable to do this, or you are experiencing difficulties; please contact one of our Support Consultants, whom are standing by to assist you :)

Support via Phone
Want to talk to someone over the Phone?
No Problem! We gladly assist our clients telephonically during the hours outlined below.

011 612 7200

Mon‑Fri 07:00-20:00 / Sat-Sun 09:00-15:00

24/7 Call‑Back Support

Want us to call you? SMS us anytime, 24/7 and we'll call you back as soon as one of our Legendary Support Agents are available.

SMS "Help" to 32541
* SMS charged at R1.50. Free SMSes do not apply.

Hope the above will help us to help you  :)
answered Mar 17, 2017 by CharB (3,500 points)