FIX MY LINE is currently unavailable?

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apple iphone 5s space grey 64gb mobile device with the afrihost app will not fix my line. someone must be feeling this too, surely?
asked Mar 13, 2017 in Devices by naaibus (870 points)

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Hi. I have also asked about this before and was told the dev team still needs to take a look at it. Haven't heard anything else after that. Think they forgot about it. I haven't used the feature but seems like a great tool to have. Hope this helps.

Regards Calvin.
answered Mar 13, 2017 by Calvinm1 (220 points)
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Telkom is now using an automated system where their internal system change your line speed to give you the best possible connection. Telkom alo has a system where if it detects a fault on the line a fault will be logged and they will attend to it as quick as possible. Telkom does not allow us as well to re-sync the line. They are going for an automated system. By the time you find a problem on the line and report it to us it will logged already before for we even report it. In this way Telkom will deal with faults quickly and at the end of the day you will be happy to find that your line is fixed even before you report it.
answered Mar 13, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (65,100 points)
qouted from afrihost
I also noted that the fix my line does not work anymore. The test your line does work though. I had a problem on my line some time ago and it took a weeks to resolve and they only noticed the fault on my line after I reported it. This happened last month. So in theory it sounds awesome, but struggling for a week with connectivity, then reporting it and only a week later it gets resolved after the Telkom technician "fixed" the line twice, I doubt that the system is working.
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I had a similair problem some time ago when trying to fix my line. The problem is that since Afrihost implemented the "Fix My Line" tool, Telkom has made changes to the way that their system syncs line speeds and resets ports. These changes have made it diffucult for other automated tools to resync lines correctly and efficiently and sometimes even cause more errors than they fix. In this regard your safest and best bet is to use the Afrihost call centre, or send in a support ticket through your client zone. Afrihost has a very quick response time when it comes to support tickets.

As for when the "Fix My Line" tool will be updated to work with Telkom's new system is probably hard to say for now.


Hope that answer helps :)
answered Mar 13, 2017 by Starker3 (430 points)