Will 2-for-1 TopUps to non-Afrihost Plus+ clients ever return?

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Will 2-for-1 TopUps to non-Afrihost Plus+ Mobile Data clients ever return? They used to be in effect towards the end of the month.
asked Jan 30, 2015 in Mobile Data by chickenbeef
edited Jan 30, 2015 by AfriGenie

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Hi Chickenbeef

Yes there will be. This is done at ramdom times, we can not guarantee the specific times. Please check your ClientZone from time to time to see if the 2-for-1 TopUps have been enabled.

Afrihost Team
answered Jan 30, 2015 by AfriDude (43,930 points)
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Good Afternoon Chickenbeef


Yes Afridude is correct in saying this will hopefully be something we look at doing for our clients again in the future. Our CEO Gian is always

looking for new ways to reward our clients for their support to Afrihost and in many cases extra data for free is something that puts a smile on

everyones faces.


When we come up with new promotions or gifts every few months Gian loves to let our Clients know via email so we will inform you of our new

offerings in the coming future.


answered Jan 30, 2015 by Afri-Accounts (1,010 points)