What is capped soft capping?

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  • Soft-capping on capped DSL: When your data cap runs out, your connection is instead throttled to 128 kilobits per second.

    This means that once you hit your quota, you are not cut off, but just slowed down quite alot. But you are still able to do basic web browsing or instant messaging!
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Hi there :)

Soft capping means that when your DSL Capped data account reaches a certain cap, let's take for example purposes 500 MB left on your account; you will still be able to use the Internet services with some reduced functionality.

This means that you're able to load web pages, and do some searches as well as log into your Client Zone to top up your capped DSL data account.

If you need further explanation on what soft-capping means, please don't hesitate to contact us using one of the following methods :)

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Good day,

Soft Capping on Capped DSL will restrict throughput on the clients account to approximately 128kbps when the clients total data package runs out. This is no way impacts other DSL Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy as this policy is specific to Afrihost Plus+ Services and will not impact Terms for unrelated products or those not linked to an Afrihost Plus+ account.
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