Why can't Afrihost mobile data be available across all mobile networks?

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asked Mar 22, 2017 in Air Mobile by thenixifier (150 points)

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APNs are mobile operator's way of controlling access to their network.  By default the "internet" APN is used by the mobile operator to allow subscribers access.  Since MTN owns part of Afrihost and Afrihost uses MTN's network for their backbone it's easy and cost effective for them to obtain an APN, since MTN also wins.  Technically they can have an agreement with another mobile operator, but the operators will likely charge them more than MTN does, which makes it unviable for Afrihost and they won't be able to have their great mobile data prices.
answered Mar 22, 2017 by Khetha (560 points)
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They would need to make a deal with the other networks to do this, which will almost certainly result in a higher cost for them, which would then filter down to the consumer
answered Mar 22, 2017 by Madara (220 points)