Migrating from one bundled package to another

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How does one change (increase) a package (DSL) that is bundled?  I have (HAD) a bundled 54GB DSL capped account and a specific dsl  Telkom line (hosted by afrihost).

I use CZ extensively and there is an option to "change package" but to me it only relates to : "capped account" there isn't an option for bundled.

I also have 5 other dsl routers "sharing" the connection (using the same DSL account login)- so don't want the username to change (on the DSL account).

I need more data on a monthly basis, want to increase the package, I initially tried and sucessfully changed it to a 1gb package DUH!  1 WRONG click.  I have now selected a 60gb capped account, but it shows a 30Gb (which doubled is 60gb) BUT bundled accounts don't get access to double data..


Any suggestions and help?
asked Jan 30, 2015 in ADSL by JC

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You don't really need to worry about the bundle portion, if you upgrade your data portion to a product that is eligible for bundling, then it will move to a new bundle automatically. Bear in mind that pro-rata fees are calculated on the full product value and not the bundle value.

You will not lose any functionality will not change as well as your username, you will simply receive more data. Just remember that you do not need to bundle and unbundle. As long as it's an eligible Capped product, you will remain in bundle. Check our website if you want to be sure that you are selecting an eligible product, otherwise you should receive a warning that the product you've selected will result in you being unbundled.
answered Jan 30, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)
I made a change to 60Gb.  CZ shows 30GB package! (double data- which I was told doesn't apply to bundled accounts).
Will have to see on the 1st if im credited with 30 or 60gb's..  Not very clear IMO.