Are he Tresholds the same on the home uncapped and premium home uncapped packages

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asked Apr 3, 2017 in ADSL by AfriDazzil (38,370 points)

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Home Uncapped

This is a Semi-Throttled metred bandwidth package which will work on a "Fair Usage Policy" with limits in GB and once clients exceeds their limit, Afrihost reserves the right to throttle their account.

This does not mean that the client will be continually throttled, but only when our network demand requires it.

The monthly thresholds for the home uncapped packages are listed below in the form of:

Line speed : Data thresholds


1 Mbps: 20GB

2 Mbps: 40GB

4 Mbps: 80GB

8 Mbps: 100GB

10 Mbps: 120GB

20 Mbps: 200GB

40 Mbps: 400GB



Semi-Shaped and Unmetered Bandwidth package. This is basically the same old uncapped package you always knew we just gave it a new name.
answered Apr 4, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (65,100 points)