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Please refer Ticket: Ticket ID: FQN-308-71255.

I have been with Afrihost for more than 2years now.

I've registered multiple domains with you, which i still maintain, i registered a new domain yesterday and got the treatment of a complete stranger.

For why?

PLease urgently advise. I need this domain up for a launch on Tuesday. :-(


asked Jan 31, 2015 in Client Zone by anonymous

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We take our network security very seriously, for the protection of our client's data and to ensure that our client's online service suffer as little interruption as possible.

We try our best to be as transparent and clear as possible with our clients. When we receive signups from foreign countries, it is imperative that we verify that such signups are from legitimate sources, whether it is from a newly signed up profile or an existing one. We follow the best practice security processes from around the world to ensure that our clients and network are never compromised.

We really don't mean to be weird or make our clients uncomfortable, but considering the amount of stuff happening on the internet these days, we hope you'll understand that we're simply doing our best to create a sfe environment for our hosting clients to operate. One you have provided the information we require to proceed, we can promise it will be smooth sailing thereafter.
answered Jan 31, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)
Thanks. I'm sorted out.