Hello, Huawei HG8040 CPE device, if the fibre link is working how should the PON led behave? solid lit or flashing?

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Hi, my fibre 20/2 network access has not worked since installation, my PON led on the Huawei CPE is flashing, according to the manual it should be solid lit if the CPE device has sucessfully connected to whatever is on the other side of the fibre link. Status of the Huawei CPE via the web interface shows everything is good

what do I need to do to have this sorted? I cannot get the Vumatel object number because I essentially have no connection to the network even though my fibre's physical connection is good.
asked Jul 4, 2017 in Fibre by eleoza (180 points)

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HI there



If the fibre installtion is complete all you would need to do to get pre configure is plug your router into your cpe and test! it takes about 10 mins but then after there should be an internet connecxtion.


If still no conenction it would be best to sms the world help to 32541 and one of our consultants can assist you.


Our call center operates till 8pm every night and 3 pm on weekneds .
answered Jul 10, 2017 by nikinix (25,470 points)