What is Afrihost Plus+ Pro-rata and why am I being billed for it?

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Just checked my invoices and saw this Pro-rata billing, what is it? There doesn't seem to be any discription as to what it is.
asked Feb 3, 2015 in Billing by Njabulod (1,250 points)

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Hi Njabulod

Thanks for the question :)

In regards to the pro rata charge we have raised to you this will be for the following reason.

The day you signed up to use the Afrihost+ service would have been the day your one month free trial started for example if you signed up for your service on the 15th of December the trial would run until the 15th of January.

From January the 16th onwards your trial is over therefore we calculate how many days are left in the month which you are liable to pay for and then bill you pro-rata from then. Once the remainder of that month has been completed a bill will be raised for the full amount of R99.00 for February and then R99.00 from then on going forward.

I hope this answers your question and if you require anything else please let us know :)

answered Feb 3, 2015 by Afri-Accounts (1,010 points)