Why does my adsl line loose connection but reconnect again by itself?

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asked Jul 10, 2017 in ADSL by speirie (150 points)

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This could be various things:

If it shows network cable unplugged then plugged after, its the cable or loose at the router

If you ADSL light light goes off and on, then it could be the router.


Do elaborate and I might be able to help further :)
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (65,110 points)
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Potentially a line fault with your ADSL physical line provider, request a port reset from them and reboot your router

If that doesnt work , ask them to run a copper test on your line

Failing that it may be your router itself that is faulty. Unfortunately its one of those "trial and error" kind of problems
answered Jul 10, 2017 by djcrispysa (260 points)
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There are many possibilities, could be the routet itself losing connection, faulty cable thats plugs into router, could be on the adsl line itself..
answered Jul 11, 2017 by Pebla (190 points)
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if this is happening frequently then it is either the router, cables, or it could be an issue with the service provider. If its the service provider, I wish you luck because it can take ages to sort out, my ADSL is not with afrihost to comment on their service

answered Jul 13, 2017 by Zoldyck (650 points)