will data every fall

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we all know my boizz afrihost out here with them cheap data prices but will the bigger mobile campiness ever lower ther data with out a rat in the hat?
asked Jul 10, 2017 in Air Mobile by rudstime (150 points)

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Hi there



We cant speak for other companys but we will definetly keep our clients updated with our data must fall prices and specials.

Speaking of such :

We will be launching a new mobile solution for the home on Wednesday 12 July 2017. This product will be called Fixed Wireless and runs on the new Rain LTE-Advanced Mobile Network.

Fixed Wireless is similar to our Fixed Mobile solution, but offers cheaper Mobile Data and faster download speeds.

As this product connects to the Rain Mobile Network which does not yet have full coverage everywhere in South Africa, availability of Fixed Wireless is coverage dependent. You can view the Rain coverage map here. We are busy finalising the Afrihost Fixed Wireless landing page - on launch the landing page will also feature a coverage map.

All Fixed Wireless packages are subject to a once-off purchase of a Huawei B618 LTE-A Wireless Router for only R2499. The B618 offers dual band connection (2.4 and 5GHz) and you can connect up to 64 devices at a time. The Wireless Router will be shipped preconfigured to clients.
A Rain SIM Card will be included with every Fixed Wireless package. This SIM Card will be configured to only work with the Huawei B618 Wireless Router. This means that the SIM Card will NOT work if you put it into another device (for example a Mobile Wi-Fi device)

Fixed Wireless Package


Fixed Wireless Basic
55GB  R549pm

Fixed Wireless Advanced   
85GB   R799p

Fixed Wireless Ultimate
 120GB   R999pm


Fixed Wireless Topups


Topup Data


1GB   R35

2GB   R59

3GB   R80

5GB   R115

10GB   R205

20GB   R345
answered Jul 11, 2017 by nikinix (25,470 points)
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Hi, i doubt the cellular companies will lower their prices
answered Jul 11, 2017 by mos1804 (140 points)
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As all markets work with supply and demand, the current demand is increasing and bandwidth allocation by ICASA isn't. So to curb this prices actually rise until supply is increased. When supply increases prices will fall to stimulate the increase in demand. And the cylce continues. As it stands prices are more likely to rise than fall, but our friends at afrihost are doing a bang-up job keeping data affordable  #economics101
answered Jul 12, 2017 by Zoldyck (650 points)