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I have registered 3 domains with Afrihost and selected domain pointing packages.
How do I now get those domains to point to where I want?
The only options I have to edit the domains are under Hosting Settings > DNS Editor which brings up a DNS Management Panel.
I assume I need to create a new record, but I don't understand enough about DNS editing to get it to point where I want!
I need all three to point to a domain I have registered and hosted with Afrihost.

asked Jul 26, 2017 in DNS by Jonesybones (200 points)
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Its quite simple really,

Create an "A Record" and point it to the correct IP
answered Jul 26, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (61,160 points)
Ok... however I can only use an IP Address in the DNS editor, and domain pointing to the given IP addresses for my domain/hosted pages redirects to the Afrihost website...
I'm assuming the issue is that Afrihost domains don't come with static IP's, but then how do I get the domain pointing to work?