Struggling to set up email on Iphone

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Can you please help me with the correct incoming and outgoing server settings to set up my email on my iphone?

Thank you!
asked Jul 27, 2017 in Email Hosting by erinpalm (150 points)

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Hi erinpalm

Firstly, who is your Internet Service Provider and please state the domain, (thats the part after the @ sign) of the email address?

answered Jul 27, 2017 by Michael_Mur (200 points)
Hi Michael,

Thank you for your response.

My internet service provider is ctecg and domain is
Hi erinpalm

Please try this:

1) Incoming mail server -
2) outgoing mail server:

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I see Michael Below gave you help but to cross reference, do look at this:
answered Jul 28, 2017 by Matthew Murdoch (61,160 points)
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Follow this few steps to set up email on iPhone:

  • Go to setting option > Password & Accounts, then tap Add Account.
  • Now Tap the Email Provider.
  • Then Enter your Email Address & Password.
  • Tap next & wait for mail for verifying your account.
  • Last step, Tap Save

After doing above step still you are getting issue then i suggest you to read 0xe8000015 blog for more help.


answered Nov 26, 2018 by NeilBhisma (500 points)