MTN DataShare

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Where does Afrihost stand with regard to sharing data between SIM's? As Afrihost offers MTN mobile data, this should be possible? For reference, see MTN DataShare on their site.
asked Feb 3, 2015 in Air Mobile by anonymous

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We currently don't offer this, although it is something we've had on our minds. For the moment we want to keep the product as simple as possible to focus on delivering a great data service at a great price. We'll look towards adding more value-added services in the near future.
answered Feb 3, 2015 by AfriMan (14,660 points)
This is more of a need than anything else, if you have 3 device , it's crazy that you have to buy data for each device. Guys I'm happy with your service. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. All I ask is that you help us by providing us with this data share service.
It's been nearly a year since the last comment. Are there any plans to add the data share feature to the Afrihost mobile service?