How do I get started in joining?

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asked Feb 3, 2015 in ADSL by anonymous

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Your question is a bit vague, how do you get an DSL package with Afrihost?

- First of if you don't have a Telkom telefone line to your house get one installed.

- Get Telkom to connected the line to DSL at the speed of your choice.

- Choose a DSL package on the Afrihost site of your choice and setup.

= Win yes

answered Feb 3, 2015 by Jacques_Stry (2,170 points)
edited Jan 12, 2017
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It really depends on what product you are interested in and what existing equipment or infrastructure you already have. The next big question is what are your needs and what is your budget? From there we can advise you on the best product to meet your requirements without breaking the bank. The great thing with Afrihost is that becuase we focus so much on saving clients money wherever we can, we generally find that clients get more than they bargained for, and pay less than what they expect. WIN-WIN :)
answered Feb 3, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)