Where can I get some tips and advice on binary options trading?

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Do you trade? Recommend me someting
asked Aug 1, 2017 in General by Fronman (1,810 points)
I also want to start trading, I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube, it seems to be not as scary as it sounds. And it looks pretty profitable, is it really so? My wife and I want to get a mortgage in her name for condo. We have already consulted with Mortgage Broker Bristol https://www.bristolmoneyman.com/ and we have calculated how much will need to be paid monthly, and I started thinking about additional income. I studied economics in college, I even liked it, do you think it makes sense to go to some trading courses? Or try an internship in one of the firms?

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Maybe this will guide you


Ps Speak to your broker at your bank,
answered Aug 2, 2017 by RyanG (35,770 points)
please read our T&C as these rules arent ment to be broken, right at the bottom of this page u will find it

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I recommend you to take a look at the resource from https://xbinop.com You will find some nice articles on binary options and trading there. I am sure that you will like it and find a lot of useful things and thoughts for you there
answered Aug 4, 2017 by Coulee (1,110 points)
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I am also a trader. Try out this https://www.onlytradeschools.com - if you are new in trading, you'll find a lot of useful things there.

answered Oct 21, 2019 by emillnoore (580 points)
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Cryptocurrency is good for trading, try it.
answered Dec 9, 2020 by Marsrea (300 points)