Can we expect Afrihost Mobile prices to be dropped in the near future?

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Since the double data promotion has ended (great promottion), your mobile data prices have been rather uncompetitive. Looking at 2GB per month, Afrihost is now more expesive than MWeb, Axxess and Hopper - the newcomer. I realise that the double data was not sustainable - that makes perfectly sense. But doing away with double data whilst keeping your prices fixed - that's simply uncompetitive. Unless all the other players are also selling data at a loss (like you did), that is.

Afrihost Plus is great for those using bigger packages in any case, but for those who were using 4GB and 5GB a month, the fees for Afrihost Plus are higher, relatively speaking.

I ask this question so Afrihost can take note, and hopefully you'll be able to give me some insight as well.

asked Feb 4, 2015 in Air Mobile by Viva44 (280 points)

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We are always looking for opportunities to offer better value in terms of more data for your spend or a low base price. It really depends on a lot of business factors and how the overal sector performs and grows. But you can rest assured that any savings we receive from our upstream network suppliers is passed onto our clients at every opprtunity.

Plus is a great way for now to get a lot more data (and halve your per GB price) while you also enjoy the other benefits like Simfy and 2 for 1 Topups
answered Feb 5, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)