When does the Fixed LTE double data promotion start?

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I signed up for an 85GB Fixed LTE package on the 2nd August.
According to the Afrihost homepage there is now a double data promotion if you signed up from the start of August, so I should be getting 85GB + 85GB.

However, this has not happened, I still only have 85GB.

So I am wondering when does the double data promotion actually start, and will it be applied automatically or do I have to ask for it?
asked Aug 7, 2017 in Air Mobile by pofmuis (180 points)

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I have asked the same question and I was told they are working on it and it will automatically be applied to the accounts when they are done sorting it out. Did you already recieve your modem? I have been waiting for mine and the courier company is messing around. need to get a hold of them but no one in afrihost can give me a number to contact them.
answered Aug 8, 2017 by Aslam (1,040 points)
selected Aug 8, 2017 by pofmuis
Thanks, hopefully they sort it out soon.
I received my modem - but only after I called the courier company - the courier company is called Digital Planet (011 236 7800 / 011 236 7802)

They texted me saying they didn't have a delivery address, but on calling them they actually had the address, they just wanted to verify the order. I verified it, and received the modem the next day.
I expected a company like Afrihost to have a decent courier company, these guys are a joke
hah - they were probably the cheapest!
This courier company is claiming they came and I was not available yesterday, however I sat here the entire day, cancelled meetings I had just so that I would be available to collect, no one piched up, I think they ran late on their deliveries and thought its easier to just say I was not available