iPhone HotSpot issues

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I added an Afrihost Mobile Data package to my existing MTN Sim Card. It works well, but I am unable to set up a Hotspot on my iPhone. It keeps on telling me to contact my network provider to do this. Why is this?
asked Feb 6, 2015 in Air Mobile by anonymous
i have the same issue, please help

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Hi there

You would need to contact your Cellular Network Provider to activate Hot Spot Services on the sim card you are using and follow the below steps to create the Hot Spot.
    Open up the Settings on your device
        1. Go to the Cellular Data section
        2. Then open up APN Settings
        3. Under “Personal Hotspot” enter the following for APN: internet
        4. Go back to Cellular Data
        5. Disable and Enable the Cellular Data on your device

Afrihost Team
answered Feb 6, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)
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Hi there!

I believe you must check that you have setup your APN details correctly. You will need to change the APN for the hotspot as well as browsing etc, and if you don't, it uses the default set with the device, this would explain why it is giving you issues, as it is probabbly trying to connect to MTN and since I assume there isnt an MTN data package, its just denied.

See this link, perhaps it can help you out: https://www.afrihost.com/landing/mobile_data_apn_setup/

answered Feb 6, 2015 by MatthewB