How do I create Multiple Database Schemas

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Hi there, super new to all of this hosting stuff. I spoke to a support person this week, that said it is possible to have schemas setup for my website database. The thing is I want to have the main website, with a blog attached. But the package I'm on is only for 1 DB. I don't need 5+ DBs for the site.

How can I create my main site (Open Cart) and have a WP blog attached? Can I create the blog on a separate DB instance?
asked Feb 7, 2015 in Shared Hosting by Edward Simes
With wordpress you may have multiple installations running from 1 db by changing the database prefix in the wp-config.php file when installing wordpress.

See here - - if both sites are wordpress. Otherwise you can still do it from one DB but for the sake of maintaining them, it would be better to get an extra db

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Hi Edward

You are going need a package that allows more than one databases. Especially if you are planning to use different CMS's for your site, each of the CMS you are going to use is going to need its own database. You will be able to manage all your databases in PHPMyAdmin in cPanel.
answered Feb 9, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)