Is the 1GB free deal slower than a paid Capped deal?

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Hi, I recently signed up for the free 1 gig deal you offer to see what afrihost was like as an isp,  and it is very slow with a high ping too. I have tested it on a few occasions and found the same results. Is that because it is  free or is all the capped deals the same speed?

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asked Feb 8, 2015 in ADSL by Shaun

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Hi Shaun

The 1 Gig Free account is operates like all the capped DSL accounts. Capped accounts are not slow, their speeds are determined by the maximum speed of the DSL line. If the pings are too high you need to run a traceroute to see where the pings are coming from. The only thing with a 1 Gig Free account is that it only connects 1 DSL line while other capped accounts connect up to 6 DSL lines. Run a speed test and a traceroute and send them to so that we can assist you troubleshoot where the problem is coming.

Afrihost Team
answered Feb 9, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)