Do you like online casinos?

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Where do you play them mostly?
asked Aug 29, 2017 in General by Fronman (1,810 points)
I, too, am a huge fan of playing a game or two, have already checked a lot of online casinos, and now I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas. All players understand what I'm looking forward to. I have already found an article where a review of the top ten casinos is made I think I will have time to visit them all during my trip. I’ll surely write my review later.
Sure!  I really like to play casino online .  You can quench your thirst at home, sitting at the computer.  After an exhausting working day, I really want to relax - so why not spend time in a virtual casino?  This will not only provide a pleasant experience, but also earn real money.
Hello!  I love to play at online casinos.  I generally like to play games.  Here is a review of my favorite casino , I hope you enjoy it too. Please use google translator if you need.
Привет! Я люблю играть в онлайн-казино. Я вообще люблю играть в игры. Вот обзор моего любимого казино Slots City, надеюсь, вам он тоже понравится.
I also like online casinos, especially pokies. If you too, please follow
Everyone enjoys gambling online from time to time. Personally, I enjoy online casino winvio. I give them the highest-ranking because their list of the top ten best casinos in Australia is always accurate.

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This is not really a Forum for questions regarding personal interests, more getting support for issues that people might be experiencing.

Please keep questions relevant to afrihost services.
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I personally like them a lot. There are some very cool online casinos with slots at I recommend you to take a look there for such things. You will be able to find some awesome deals and bonuses for you which will help you start and earn more while gambling. I guess it is a really helpful resource for beginners and experienced gamblers too. What do you think?
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Personally, I like all casinos, as I can win in the short term. You will most likely never be able to earn a living through casino games, but I enjoy passing my time playing games. I like all the games provided by this online casino -  mr bet . 

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There are plenty of opportunities to make money online nowadays. The main thing is that we must be patient and never give up. Based on my personal experience, I can say that it's good to distract myself sometimes and do something you want. I occasionally play online games, to be honest not often at all. By the way, I recommend this online casino Slotty Vegas

answered Oct 2, 2017 by Heltall (1,740 points)
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If you gamble online you are a idiot......I worked for one and here are some of the problems:

Bonus credits - you need to reach a specified playthrough (bet, win and lose all gets added and multiplied by a factor to contribute to playthrough)  before you can even think of cashing out anything. playthrough is the bonus amount * 40 - now think about that......say you play slots, bet 0.3 to 1 (deposited 100 and got 100 bonus) thats 100 * 40 * 0.95 (its not 100% contribution for slots) and if you play blackjack or roulette if you took any bonus credits youll NEVER be able to cash out coz those games contribute 0 to playthrough.....

If they say they have a 'payout rate' of 97.5% that means if you stay in the reccomended betting amount you will on average lose your money at a rate of 2.5%.....

They have comprehensive stats on your probability of withdraw, reverse winnings, etc etc....they take a long time to pay you because the ppl reverse winnings to gamble and lose.....

And if you dont read the T&C regarding if they payout to your country they will still gladly take your money - so if you want to damage online casino`s do the following....

This is for the guy who wrote this question - affiliates and the links he posted in this Q&A....he gets a % of the deposits you make (must be a certain amount) so dont click on his links to sign up if you really want to gamble.

Use a mastercard credit card and buy small amounts (smallest you can) over a 3 month period - then after that iniciate chargebacks on all those transactions you made. Casino cant refund to mastercard and if that is your only deposit method they are in deep $hit, the bank gives $100 fine per transaction you made, and you will get all your money back from your bank. Casino cant prove that it was you who used the credit card - and they dont want ppl to know about the chargebacks.


Here is the T&C of SLOTTY - VEGAS he recommends.......




Bonus funds do not hold any cash value until their applicable conditions are met. The bonus and any winnings won with the bonus funds will be locked until the wagering requirement of the bonus is complete.


When wagering on games, your real funds balance will be used prior to your bonus balance. The bonus balance will only be used when there are no real funds available in your account.


Only bonus funds contribute toward the wagering requirement of a bonus. One bonus cannot contribute toward the wagering requirement of another bonus.


Slotty Vegas reserves the right to alter any information and conditions in promotions, bonuses, competitions and tournaments and will not be held responsible for any consequential damages to any entrant or user.

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You always can create own website or become a freelancer. As additional income, you can try gambling. A lot of people are skeptical about ir but it really works. I can recommend this online casino, there is no deposit bonus casino uk

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I used to be skeptical about gambling before but now I play online casino from time to time. If you are looking for a good online casino, you should check it out - mr bet awards.

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Social casino is the correct place if you're interested diverse entertainments and don't have any idea which to pick, since there are only reliable casino computer software providers in 2WinPower portfolio.

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The statistic says that lottery is a deal of chance and is not related with the strategies in anyway. I think it is really so. Just imagine, playing poker a professional player may count how many cards are still in the deck, what are they and how many are out. But playing lottery it is just impossible. For example, I visited not to play but to have a look at it and realized that it is really so. One cannot predict how the machine lives.

answered May 8, 2018 by Trellkot (2,970 points)
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I play in this online casino from the new Zealand, I really like it here. Here you can even play the crypto currency

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There are a lot of casinos with bonuses, but most want to steal your money, and only 1 percent of all existing casinos really work honestly. For example, I played at 20 casinos and only one of these casinos helped me earn $ 5,000, but it really is a large sum. The thing is that if you do not play wisely and without excitement, you can win good money and become richer. Here is an online casino  , I’m sure that you can make good money there.