DSL line transfer from Telkom

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I have installed adls line  through Telkom last month around the 23 January 2014. I would like to sign up for one of your  uncapped bundles as I  am in 2mbps and according to Telkom, line rental will costs R166 a month.

I have noticed that your bundles have been discounted if one move a line to be managed by yourself. ( although I dont what is the ctach here)

I have been using you free 1G data and appears to be ligit.

Problem is that Telkom has not billed me yet and I suspect I  will recieve a bill from them end of February including Januaray pro rata.

AH on the other hand  run their billing at the beginning of the month while Telkom runs theirs end of the month.

Issue is that I dont want to be billed double or have to log call with Telkom for refunds in the event  of redundant billing.

Kindly advise how should I go about  this

asked Feb 9, 2015 in ADSL by anonymous

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Please note that Telkom will not transfer your line if you have any data products with them, which includes Capped or Uncapped DSL or even an email address linked to your service. You will need to ensure that you have submitted cancellation for these services before signing up with us. Telkom will also not transfer the line if you are in contract with them (like a 24 month contract on any special packages).

Once you sign up, we submit the transfer and we only commence billing once transfer is complete. You will not be billed twice for the same service period, but bear in mind that Telkom bills in arrears (at the end of the month) and we bill in advance (at the beginning of the month). Make sure you compare the billing period if you are worried that you have been billed twice.
answered Feb 9, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
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I only installed a line, I am not sure about any other products or e-mails. I only used adls with your free DATA, other than that it was never used.

So which is better time to sign up?