How to I add SRV in DNS that contains Service, Protocol, Port, Weight, Priority, Name, Target, TTL?

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asked Feb 10, 2015 in DNS by Chris Vorster

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SRV Record

An SRV (Service) record points one domain to another domain name using a specific destination port. SRV records allow specific services, such as VOIP or IM, to be be directed to a separate location.

Type            SRV                             SRV
Service:        _example                        _example
Protocol:       _tls                            _tcp
Port:           443                             5061
Weight:         1                               1
Priority:       100                             100
TTL:            1 Hour                          1 Hour
Name:           domainname.tld                  domainname.tld
Target:         targetserveraddress             targetserveraddress


Below is an example of how you would add the SRV record using Client Zone:

  1. Add "Service" and "Protocol" to the Record... e.g _example._tls.domainname.tld
  2. Type should be "SRV"
  3. Priority should be left empty.
  4. The follow should be added under content in the same sequences divided by a space: Priority Weight Port Target, e.g. 100 1 443 targetserveraddress
  5. TTL will 3600


answered Feb 10, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
In what format should targetserveraddress be? I keep getting error that I need to include priority, weight, port and host even though I have everything included. My content string looks like this... 100 1 1234
I know this is old but hoping i can get help. I have the exact same issue as above.
I need to add  100 1 443 but just cannot get is accepted via clientzone.
Any help please.