Switch from MTN contract to Afrihost voice

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I have an MTN contract at the moment and would like to switch to Afrihost Voice and keep my current number. My contract is currently month to month and I have paid off my handset.

Do I need to deal with MTN first to cancel the contract or can this all be handled by Afrihost when I apply for month to month voice? If I need to speak with MTN what do I need to ask them to do?

Do I need to get a new Simcard?

How long does the process take?
asked Sep 11, 2017 in Voice by geoffles (160 points)

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You will need MTN to cancel your contract, so you are "prepaid"

Then you can order the package you like from Afrihost.
You can keep the same number, and sim, and this can all be done remotely :)
answered Sep 11, 2017 by MattzFiber (10,580 points)
selected Sep 11, 2017 by geoffles