How can one sign up on the 55+55 deal?

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asked Sep 18, 2017 in Afrihost Plus+ by Charles Gwengo (130 points)

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Do yourself a huge favor and sign up with anyone but afrihost
answered Sep 18, 2017 by 8tpg88 (280 points)
I was also thinking about getting the new 55+55GB Rain deal, please share why not?   "......sign up with anyone but afrihost"
I have recently received the 55 + 55GB Rain deal from Afrihost. Service from their side is nothing short of excellent. Getting download speeds of 70Mbps and upload speeds of 25Mbps. Would recommend to anyone!

The rain network is excellent but the price and network is the same regardless  of which isp you sign up.  Afrihost seems to be the only isp having problems intergrating their clientzone with rain which is resulting in usage not reflecting properly, data going missing, getting capped despite having data left, upgrades to higher caps getting charged for and reflecting on afrihost side but not on rain side. Afrihost are the only isp having these issues and good luck using your airtime trying to get it resolved. Have a look at the rain section in mybroadband or the reviews on  Hellopeter.
Yesterday I canceled the Lte with afrihost and signed up with a new isp. It's the exact same product and the cost of a whole new router which I didn't need but after 2 months of afrihost messing me around I couldn't take it anymore. The rain network is great and I would recommend it but good luck if you choose afrihost as the isp .
Hi, Thank you for letting me know about the back office problems.... You input is valid as i do not want to be free from a contract but still not be free because of a isp.... I saw that the offering is done by many ISPs. I went to IS to learn more and see that ignite also offer same at modem price of R999.... who are you signing up with, please share and thanks for your input... very very valid...
thank you for your input