Hi Guys, will there be an increase in line speed by end March 2015?

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asked Feb 10, 2015 in ADSL by AdrianJeremy (210 points)

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We have heard rumours via the press that Telkom intends to increase the entry level DSL speed from 2Mbps to 4Mbps. This has not been officially confirmed by Telkom or communicated to ISPs who are DSL line wholesalers (like ourselves).

At present we'd prefer to focus on stabilising current speeds before Telkom increases line speeds, as this generally places a much larger burden on Telkom's network infrastrcuture and this has led to congestion problems in the past. However, if the infrastrcuture is adequate, we'd be very happy for clients to get the best possible access and internet experience possible.
answered Feb 11, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)