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Recently I decided to create a website for my business. I have a equipment store, and I wanted to start selling online. I needed to create online store. So I found a web studio and they told me that they can create a web store for $2500..Then I found another variant, it is ready made professional templates from The prices on good templates are around $100-$150, so I decided to use it. My choice was Equipment Market WooCommerce Theme I liked the design and capabilities. Now all the works are coming to an end, and soon I will have great online store! I decided to share this idea with you, what do you say? And I need advice about hosting..

asked Sep 27, 2017 in General by Yanns (1,200 points)

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Your best is to get your website set up with them the store etc. Then migrate that over to the Afrihost Hosting package possibly via FTP, maybe start off with a medium size package this can be upgraded at any time which is useful. Otherwise you are able to make a free E-commerce website via the afrihost hosting with Softalicous.


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answered Oct 2, 2017 by SeaSickMama (1,300 points)