How do we connect to the internet. Router and CPE are installed

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Vumatel has connected to fibre.

Computer sees the router but no internet
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are having connectivity issues with your fibre connection.

Please go through the below steps to rectify the issue:

Let's first start with the Connections:
1. CPE (client premises equipment) from FTTH provider must be powered up.
2. Your LAN cable must connect CPE to the WAN port on your fibre router.
3. The ethernet "LINK" light must show on the CPE and the WAN port of your router
- If the link light is present, it means that your fibre router is powered up correctly.

Now, let's go over the Configuration: (How your fibre router must be configured)
1. Your Fibre router must get its WAN connection using DHCP (not static anything, and also not PPPoE)
2. Your Fibre router must act as a DHCP server to its LAN connection (ONLY)
3. There should NOT be bridging between the LAN and the WAN port.

Some general Fibre troubleshooting information: (Basic information that will help trouble-shoot this problem)

Please go through the below and fill in the details we can check with the provider for you.
1. What is the MAC address (Your Fibre Router's WAN MAC Address).
2. Do you get an IP address, and what is it?
3. Do you get a gateway address, and what is it?
4. Are you able to ping the gateway address?
5. Please do a traceroute test to somewhere interesting, and
6. When last did it work?
- Did it ever work?
- How long did it work?

Are you able to Browse to

Some other weird stuff for troubleshooting :) Normally, your fibre provider has left you with a pamphlet for support or a way to contact them to release an IP, or to reset something on their side.

If you are able to get an IP, but not a gateway, can you ping the gateway that would usually be used for that network?
(Last subnet .1 or .65 or .129 or .193)

If you get an IP of 192.168.x.x address, then either the router is plugged into itself, or you may have picked up an IP from an evil router out there.
If this happens, then the fibre provider must release the IP address, and you will need to wait for 1 minute (60 seconds) before attempting a new connection.

If your fibre provider cannot get a DHCP lease on you as the client, it might be that your fibre router has issued all its DHCP addresses on the public network.
Should this happen there will be an absurdly large number of "devices" connected to your router. Perhaps wired. This is where you should ensure that there is no bridging between the public and private network, and that the CPE is not plugged into the private network (e.g.. by a switch).

Please let us know if the above has helped establish a new, stable connection or what you would like us to check on our side for you.

If you require further assistance please
Send a message to our whatsapp help line:
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​​​​See our FAQ page:

Thank you
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