Default rate not pay per second

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I just signed up with Afrihost and now get messages from you that I am not on the correct price plan on mtn .... pay per second ... for your pricing to work right.

I ported from Vodacom to MTN and now signed up by you . to keep my number, but got put on default  price plan ... MTN base .... which is not .79 per min but 1.50 per minute.

How do I move to the correct price plan .... as MTN tells me its not possible ... and*141*4*4# does NOT work.

I logged calls on this with you on 28/9 without response .... understand you guys busy .... but today is 4/10 ???????
asked Oct 4, 2017 in Voice by esias (210 points)
Exactly the same for me definative answer and difficult to get help. Price plan does not exist anymore ..others are not the same. Plus why does the customer have to check and fight the system to get what you advertise?

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i finally got reponse from afrihost after about 5 call refs .... sorry very so much but use mtn zone per second

problem is that this charges 2.50 per min .... not 79c per min as adverised all over the the afrihost website .... and this is now my problem

same old, same old bs support from afrihost ... dunno why i expected anything different this time ... thanks eric, alex, and the rest of the professional team at afrihost
answered Oct 8, 2017 by esias (210 points)