When will Someone in Afrihost tell me the truth about what happened with my ADSL line?

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I am a beguiled returning customer who incorrectly presumed that Afrihost still is as good as the used to be.

I ordered service from Afrihost on 5th of Sep (after having Telkom install the line) - I only wish I had never tried to switch. On early Sep 2017, the Afrihost vulture descended with this SMS

Please contact Telkom on 10210, to move your line 0xxxxxx to the Telkom Wholesale holding pool so we can take migrate your line

and kept this up every day till I had done the paper work and requested the switch from Telkom. The moment that Telkom released the line into the pool, Afrihost started charging me - and guess what - my ADSL line still wasn't working! So although Afrihost sent an SMS saying

Afrihost confirms that your Telkom line order has been marked as completed.

the line was not complete and the ADSL service was not working. The very first service person I spoke to basically admitted that there had been a mistake which Afrihost made, and that they would have to get Telkom to do something to enable my line. When speaking to her manager, he was adamant (without any clear or logical explanation as to why this was necessary) that I needed to wait for 30 days from the inception of the first request before Afrihost could release the line to me (in the meanwhile charging my account for a line that has never yet been active!)

i have 3 issues with Afrihost since I first started using their services more than 2 years ago:

1. The quality of service personnel has gone done

2. The amount of misdirection and ambiguity has substantially increased by support personnel. Also you will wait 3x as long as what we used to wait for your call to be answered

3. Service delivery time has decreased.
asked Oct 10, 2017 in Billing by Kevin7 (130 points)

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Hey Kevin

Sorry for the mess around on your part.

If you have not been receiving service you definitely should not be billed until such service is given.

At best this should be credited to your account then for future use.

Afrihost has now added a significant complement of support agents to push the response time and quality back to what you know it to be. I am also looking forward to this making clients dealing with Afrihost a pleasure once more.
answered Nov 7, 2017 by Filet Mignon (24,730 points)