My address is XX Wylant street, Bellville. Please tell me more about your Fibre special at R299pm

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My address is 23 Wylant street, Bellville. Please tell me more about your Fibre special at R299pm
asked Oct 11, 2017 in Fibre by Iancooper (160 points)

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Good day Ian,
To see what fibre availability you have in your area, please follow the link below to our fiber page and enter your physicall address.

If there is no fiber in your area yet please fill in your details and we will notify you when fiber does become available.

On the fibre page you are able to see our fiber packages, capped and uncapped, with various providers around SA.


If there is fibre in your area and you wish to sign up please follow these steps:

After going to our fibre page and entering your physical address, You can then proceed

  • Select the Fiber provider in your area
  • Select the Fiber package you want (Home, Business or Premium)
  • Select the fiber line speed
  • Select 'Sign Up'
  • Fill in all your details and move to the next step
  • Confirm the payment details

The promotion we are currently running is for our LTE devices from R299 for a 25GB package.
Please note that this is a different product to fiber.

We have various LTE devices and data packages available, please follow the link to see more


To sign up for an LTE-A device and sim card follow these steps:

  • Go to:
  • Scroll down until you find the packages section
  • Select the tab 'check for coverage in your area'
  • enter your physical address
  • Click 'check coverage and sign up'
  • If there is RAIN LTE-A coverage in your area it will read 'Congratulations, you have Afrihost Fixed Wireless'
  • You can now select a data package you wish to use (25GB, 55GB, 85GB, 120GB, 220GB, 330GB)
  • Click 'Sign up'
  • This will take you through to client zone (
  • please confirm the data package you want
  • Select 'next step'
  • You can then select one of three options

1. I have my own compatible device
2. Huawei B618 LTE-A Wireless Modem
3. Huawei B315 LTE Wireless Modem

(if you only want the sim card, select ' I have my own compatible device')

  • Select 'next step'
  • This will take you to the shopping cart
  • and will show you the data package you selected and the modem option you selected.
  • You can then 'Check out'
  • Follow the payment step from there.

For further assistance please visit client zone:
and see our FAQ page:

answered Oct 26, 2017 by AfriDazzil (29,240 points)