Help! Can a beginner put a Microsoft Publisher designed website on the web?

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This is a troubleshooting before the trouble! I would like to know if this is even possible...
I want to design my website using Microsoft Office's Publisher. I would like to know how I would go about putting the designed website up once I have designed it.  I have no experience in making websites at all so is this even possible? I know website codes can be an issue, especially if you want it to work well. Also I would want it to be user-friendly for mobile users.
After I designed it, would I need to know any codes to put it up? What do I do to put it on the web? And what programs would I need (not to design it but to put it live on my website)?
Simple, easy to understand explanations would be appreciated. Thank you.
(I have previously used WordPress, but do not have it now and heard that you could use Publisher. This is why I am pursuing this avenue.)
Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
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A beginner can put up a website designed in MS Publisher online. You have to save your pages as HTML and make sure your 'Homepage' or 'Landing' page has the name 'index.html'. Also try avoid having spaces in your file names like 'about us.html'. It is good practice to either have a hyphen ( - ) or underscore ( _ ) to separate words in your filenames. After you are done, you can upload to the FTP details that you have been supplied with. The files should be uploaded into the 'public_html' folder using an FTP Program like Filezilla. (The 'public_html' folder is only available for hosts that use cPanel, Other hosts might have folders like 'www', 'wwwdocs', 'httpdoc', 'wwwroot'...)

If you were working with Wordpress before, MS Publisher will NOT be able to work for advanced functions like 'Storing Information', 'Form Validation', and other 'Advanced' features other than just being a 'Brochure' website. Any changes you might need to make on the website will have to be done in MS Publisher and uploaded to your FTP site. 

You can read up more on designing websites with MS Publisher on this link.

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I used Publisher before I moved on to the Site Builder in the Gold option.  It is far easier to use, than Publisher, and looks professional.
answered May 30, 2015 by Sandra