Huawei E5372 Router

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Morning guys,


i see you selling a Huawei E5372 router,

i got a TP LINK wifi router installed at home and realised that you data plan are lot cheaper and i use about 10gig of data a month and is very expenisve from service providers as i dont qualify for contract.

is it possible to buy month to month 5gig data without a contract? how am i going to be billed? am i going to get debit order of 279 every month? i really need that plan but just wanna make sure coz i use a lot of internet for my studies ?!

i'm planning to buy that wifi router but before i buy it i need to be sure of my decision.

and other thing, if i buy that router will i get an Afrihost simcard to use it with? or is there any Afrihost usb moderm that i can plug into my TP link and just connect to the internett? im trying to get cheaper option as i need to cut down my budget from the service provider to afrihost.


kind regards
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Hi there

You can absolutely buy data from us. Our contracts are month to month. We do an intiial pro-rata payment (based on the day of the month that you sign up) and thereafter we bill you on the first of every month either by debit order or to your credit card. 

If you are planning on LTE speeds, please make sure that you are in an LTE coverage area here.

You can look at purchasing a USB device, but it will depend on whether your router has the ability to accomodate a 3G failover and is compatible with the device we sell. You may want to log a support ticket with the manufacturer to see whether it support this.

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thanks a lot, this is the best answer for me, I'll check whether the TP LINK WIFI ROUTER does support Huawei usb moderm coz it used to work fine with Vodacom and cell c one.
how much is the price for usb moderm with simcard. I wanna take up the plan from 25th of this month.
much appreciated.