Afrihost where is my router?

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It been 2 weeks since I registered for double data deal and from the email I got from you I was going to get it within 5 days, I am not getting any notifications notifying theres going to be a delay or why it takes this long. so when I am going to get this item I ordered?
asked Oct 24, 2017 in Devices by Sondezi (250 points)

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Hi there,

I do sincerely apologise.

Our suppliers have communicated with us that they’re facing a shortage of stock of the Huawei B618 Router and the indicated lead time for the new stock to arrive is around 8 weeks.

As we try to find a suitable solution to get you connected soonest, we contemplate one of the options below:

We make no changes to your existing order and we ship a unit to you as soon as stock arrives.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any concrete commitments at this time as we’re waiting for new stock.


If you have a compatible device, you may consider ordering a SIM only service while you wait for new stock of the Huawei B618 Router.

We’ve taken the liberty of listing the current known compatible devices.

- ZTE MF253

- ZTE MF283+

- ZTE MF286

- Huawei B315

- Huawei B2338


Should you wish to go this route, please place an order for a SIM only service on our website and opt to use your own device.


You may place the order at the address below:


Once your Huawei B618 Router arrives, you may cancel your SIM only service through your Client Zone:


We have another Fixed Wireless router in stock, the Huawei B315 router, also on promotion at the moment.

The router ships with a SIM card as well.

If you opt to go this route, and you’re satisfied with the router, you could cancel the current order for the Huawei B618 Router.


There are a few differences between the two routers.

You can review the differences here:


Thanks for taking my recommendations into consideration, and sincere apologies for all inconveniences.

For further assistance please visit client zone:
and see our FAQ page:

Thank you

answered Oct 24, 2017 by AfriDazzil (32,540 points)