Building a site with template and linking to Afrihost hosted domain

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I would like to register my domain name with Afrihost (Linux) and then build my site on using a free available but adaptable theme that they offer. How do I then go about linking the built site to my Afrihost hosted domain name?

Apologies, I am still new at site building (no coding skills hence why I am using a pre-existing WP template). I would also prefer to use G-Suite as the preffered email service but then also link that to my domain etc (not sure if I am making sense here), so that I have continued access where ever I go in the world. Would I then need to make an extra purchase for this or can this be linked with Afrihost's hosting service?

I have also been advised that the Platinum package is the better package from my colleague who has more experience building sites, please confirm this.

Any help with the above queries will be greatly appreciated!
asked Nov 2, 2017 in Physical Dedicated Hosting by Zainab26 (130 points)

1 Answer

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Log into you cpanel after registering your domin. Look for softaculous and download wordpress free
answered Nov 4, 2017 by mallsza (140 points)